Proven Tips for Losing Weight Fast

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Maintaining a healthy weight is the best way of preventing lifestyle diseases associated with being overweight. There are different weight loss methods or solutions out there. The most common methods include dieting, exercising, use of weight loss pills, drugs, and supplements. One can either use any of these methods or combine several of them to lose weight fast. A good weight loss plan should aim at:

  • Improving your metabolic health.
  • Reducing your appetite significantly.
  • Making you lose weight without making you feel hungry.

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When it comes to weight loss pills and supplements, it is advisable to use safe products that have been approved by science. In general, you should avoid taking weight loss pills which can cause any unpleasant side effect. Popular Diet Pills has the best weight loss supplements that can help you in losing weight fast. Let us now have a look at the proven weight loss methods.

Cutting Back on Starches and Sugar

Cutting back on carbs (both sugars and starches) is a crucial step of reducing the calories eaten. Your body will start feeding off the stored fats when you reduce the intake of carbs. Cutting carbs is another proven way of lowering insulin levels and losing weight without hunger.

Eating Vegetables, Fat, and Proteins

A healthy meal should include low-carb vegetables, a fat source, and a protein source. Constructing a meal in such a way is the best way of automaticity bringing the intake of carbohydrates into the required range of 20g-50g per day.
Low-Carb Vegetables include;

  • Spinach
  • Broccoli
  • Tomatoes
  • Cauliflower
  • Cabbage
  • Cucumber

These vegetables contain the minerals, vitamins, and fiber that one needs to be healthy. You can eat massive amounts of thee vegetables without exceeding the recommended daily net carbs.

Protein Sources

Eating plenty of protein is an effective way of boosting the rate of metabolism. Taking high-protein diets can help you in reducing caving as well as obsessive thoughts about foods. One can make sure that he is automatically full by adding proteins to his diet. Some of the recommended sources of healthy protein include;

  • Eggs: Whole eggs with yolks are the best
  • Seafood and fish: Trout, shrimp, salon, etc.
  • Meat: Chicken, lamb, beef, and pork, etc.

Fat Sources


You should not be afraid of consuming fats since there are many sources of fat which have low fats and carbs. Ideally, you should make sure that your meal plan has low-carb vegetables, a fat source, and a protein source. Some of the primary sources of fats that you need to consider include;

  • Butter
  • Coconut oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Olive oil

Lifting Weights

You should make an effort of lifting weights about three times every week. Exercising is an activity that helps the body burn more calories and improve the rate of metabolism. If you don’t like lifting weights, you can try other options like jogging, swimming, cycling, or running.

How to Elevate Your Beer Drinking Experience

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Frequently beer has been touted as a working person’s beverage. In the real sense, the net spreads wider than that. You can purchase good quality beer for as little as ten dollars. To eventuate the drinking experience you can maximise the experience. Here are some suggestions on how best to elevate your beer drinking experience from casual to sensational.


pouring beer
Avoid Drinking Beer from the Can

Those drinking light lagers are at a step behind given the trouble of having to pour the drink into a glass. As you drink beer from the can or a bottle, there is barely enough room for aromatics to slip through. It is said that the real taste of the beer is derived from lots smell. That is why the drinking experience is much smoother when done from a glass as the aromatics will interact with your nasal cavity.


Your Beer is too Cold

Thanks to the large advertisers, there is an illusion that beer can only be taken when extremely cost. This is not true. As the beer warms, there emerges a new flavour and aroma. Do not fear raising your cup with your hands firmly around the glass as your body heat helps warm the beer faster. Leading malt styles are best taken at around 55 degrees Fahrenheit.


Shaker Pint Glasses are not for Beer

Commonly referred to as the pint glass, they are loved by most restaurants and bars as they are inexpensive and break-proof. Unfortunately, they are among the worst glass models one can consume beer from. These glasses do nothing to foster the real beer ingredients. There is a treasure trove of beer glassware that changes when you try to imagine what is contained within the glass. The catch-all glasses work best for most styles of wine glasses. This gives you the opportunity to swirl around the glass and bring the drink to life. The white wine glasses work best for the light coloured beers while the red wine glasses work just fine with dark beers.


Pair Beer with Foods

Whenever it comes to the topic of food, many immediately pair it with wine. Beer is just as good when paired with meals. Remember, grapes have their limited scope when matching with food. On the other hand, malted grain can be matched with practically any dish. The carbonated bubbles within beer will act as scrubbing bubbles on your palate creating a refreshing sipping opportunity. The wine rests in your mouth as a coating cover complicating the eating experience. The main flavours bases centre on sweet, bitter and sour. All these are present in the beer. There are over 100 different beer styles in the market, so practically any beer variety you might want is covered.


beer keepingConclusion

Just as with any other alcoholic drink, provided you are drinking age, you are all set. If you are an adventurous drinker, you can check out this beer festival for more on elevating your drinking experience. Drinking beer is most enjoyable when you in a social setting, preferably around family and friends.

How to Maintain Healthy Private Parts as a Woman

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We have so many articles on how to keep our face and hair clean, but nobody really does a video on how to keep the private parts clean. This is mainly because people think it’s common sense to wash it like any other part of your body. However, contrary to popular belief, you do have to clean it differently. There are proper and healthiest ways you can clean your private parts. I’ll tell you the importance of cleaning your vagina and what to avoid when cleaning your private parts.

Why is it important to clean your vagina?

bikini lifeYou should clean your private parts because it’s exposed to many bacteria, which are mainly caused by using the restroom or from engaging in sexual activities. The longer you wait to wash it or use the bathroom, the more likely a bacterium will multiply to a point where your body might not be able to fight it off, and you could easily end up with an infection.

You actually don’t wash your vagina because that’s the part that leads to your body. For the record, your vagina cleans itself by secreting clear discharge. But you should wash around your vagina to keep it fresh and eradicate the bacteria lingering around that area.

How are you supposed to wash your private parts?

You should wash with warm water. If you must use soap, which we don’t recommend using, you should use soaps that are gentle and fragrance-free. A plain, unscented bar soap is probably the best since they have fewer chemicals. Try not to cause irritation by using your hands to wash down there. Make sure you rinse off all the soap and dry with a clean towel. It’s important to keep that area dry because moisture encourages more bacterial growth. Only wash around outside the part of your vagina because the vagina keeps an acidic pH which keeps bad bacteria from growing and you do not want to eradicate the good bacteria that are inside your vagina.

What to avoid when cleaning your private parts

bikiniWhen you use a restroom, make sure you wipe thoroughly after each trip to the bathroom. If you find toilet paper too rough, try using baby wipes. Always wipe from the front to back never back to front because if you wipe back to front, you can contaminate your special spot with poop particles. Avoid using any feminine hygiene spray. These cleansers are filled with chemicals that can cause irritation and burn, plus they wash away all the good bacteria that are there to keep harmful bacteria from growing. Don’t rub the area or put a lot of pressure because the irritation will make your vagina prone to infection.


That’s all you need to know to help keep your private parts clean and healthy. Remember every girl is going to have some scent down there, but it shouldn’t smell bad. A bad smell coming from your vagina can indicate an infection, which can only be cured with medication or antibiotics. So, if you do smell something wrong down there, it’s highly recommended to see a doctor.

Laser Eye Surgery

If you would like a laser eye surgery to be done on you, then your first step before the procedure is carried out is visiting a doctor for consultation. You need to pay your doctor a visit for them to ascertain your candidacy for the laser eye surgery. Scheduling a laser eye consultation with the doctor is necessary for the doctor to determine which laser eye surgery is appropriate for your needs.
What to expect when you visit the doctor.

Once you are in that private room with your doctor, the doctor inquiries on a couple of things. Such things include the reasons as to why you need the laser eye surgery, your expectations after the surgery is done, your use of eye contacts or glasses and your general health history. This is how they determine whether you are an ideal candidate for the surgery.

What to expect during the examination

In this stage, the doctors carry a couple of tests. These studies will involve examining your cornea and pupil in detail and measure the strength of your contact lenses (focimetry). He will measure the thickness of your cornea, curvature, and its topography. The doctor will measure the size of the pupil in different conditions such as when there is low light and when it is dark. This is what is referred to as infrared pupillometry. The tonometer is another test done which involves the doctor measuring your eye pressure. The doctor also measures eye refraction and visual acuity to measure the ability of your eyes to see details at a far and near distance. A contrast and color vision test is also important in the examination. To check for dry eyes, a tear-film test is carried to determine the quantity and quality of tear fluid. To check which one of your eyes is dominant or stronger, an eye dominance test is carried. An in-depth examination of the eye back is also carried out so that the doctor may find out whether you have the important eye diseases. These are just some tests that are carried out during the examination stage.

What to expect after a comprehensive examination has been carried out

This is where a patient counselor session comes in. The doctor discusses the results with you in detail and recommends the most appropriate vision correction procedure for you. In detail, they explain to you the different types of laser surgeries available and advise you on the one that fits your needs according to the results obtained. The most recommended procedures are LASIK and PRK, your doctor selects the most appropriate for you. He will also advise you on what kind of preparation you need before the surgery is done.

Steps Of A Spa Facial

Even though the facial protocols for each spa may be different from other spas, there are still some common features for all professional facials. There is a standard way of carrying out a facial and the steps were taken are similar in all facials. After all, facials are done for the same common reasons: to cleanse your skin, relax it, pamper it and to rejuvenate it.

Below are some steps of a spa facial

The first step is to cleanse the face

The skin needs to be free from any makeup, and so your esthetician will start by getting rid of it. After clearing the makeup on your skin, the esthetician then gently rubs your face, neck and décolleté with either of these; cleansing milk, cream or lotion. This is then followed by removing the cleanser from your face with the aid of facial sponges, cotton pads or cloths, and warm water. Your skin is then gently massaged to dry.

The consultation comes next after cleansing

At this point, your eyes are covered for protection. This step involves examination of your skin. The esthetician uses a lighted magnifying glass to check the status of your skin. She may press or pinch your skin so that she may determine how thick it is. At this stage, you are required to discuss with your esthetician about your facial status and the skin care regime you use. You may also talk to them about how you would wish the results to be so that they may know what you are expecting from them. Knowing your skin type and needs is important as it guides her in determining the kind of products to use on your skin in the other steps.

Exfoliation follows your discussion with the esthetician

This is where your esthetician removes and peels off the dead skin from your face. Here, she uses the information obtained in the above step regarding your skin type to select an exfoliation gel, cream or lotion to use on your skin. She may choose enzyme peels which are supposed to dissolve the plugs that produce spots and so she has to leave them to stay on the face for some time. She may also choose other exfoliation products which need to be stimulated manually or by use of a machine.