Hair Removal

People wish to have unwanted hair removed from different parts of the body. Some want to remove excess hair from the face, legs, underarms, bikini area or the chest. There are different ways to have excess hair removed. You can either use waxing, electrolysis or laser hair removal.  This article will give more details on laser hair removal. Not all people are fit for it.

Are your goals realistic?

You can only attain realistic goals. Before going for laser hair removal, ask yourself if your goals are attainable and realistic.  For effective results, you should undergo  a number of treatments. Do not be lied to that the hair will fall off after the forts treatment.  Yes the treated area will have less and thinner hair, but not all hair will fall off. For effective results after treatment, maintenance is required.

Assess your skin and hair to find out whether they are fit for the procedure

A large percentage will enjoy the results from laser hair removal. Different people will however be affected by different factors and characteristics. Considering skin color, hair color and coarseness light skinned individuals are better for laser hair removal. Individuals with dark and coarse hair are better suited too. High levels of melanin cause competition between the skin and hair for the laser energy. This decrease the efficiency of the procedure. It increases the possibility of epidermis damage too. The appropriate purse width and wavelength is required on the skin so that only the hair follicles are damaged protecting the skin.

The above does not mean if you are dark skinned with fine hair you will not enjoy laser hair removal. Yes you will, but you have to undergo more treatments to achieve the expected results. Hair with pigmentation is a pass to laser hair removal. Hair with no pigment like red gray and blond may not work for laser. If you have such hair opt for electrolysis.

The right procedure of hair removal is required for effective results. Consult with your doctor before going for any of the discussed procedures. There are many quack hair removers who will do anything to get money. Research well to avoid meeting such, you cannot avoid to injure your skin and lose money in the name of hair removal.