How to Elevate Your Beer Drinking Experience

cold beer

Frequently beer has been touted as a working person’s beverage. In the real sense, the net spreads wider than that. You can purchase good quality beer for as little as ten dollars. To eventuate the drinking experience you can maximise the experience. Here are some suggestions on how best to elevate your beer drinking experience from casual to sensational.


pouring beer
Avoid Drinking Beer from the Can

Those drinking light lagers are at a step behind given the trouble of having to pour the drink into a glass. As you drink beer from the can or a bottle, there is barely enough room for aromatics to slip through. It is said that the real taste of the beer is derived from lots smell. That is why the drinking experience is much smoother when done from a glass as the aromatics will interact with your nasal cavity.


Your Beer is too Cold

Thanks to the large advertisers, there is an illusion that beer can only be taken when extremely cost. This is not true. As the beer warms, there emerges a new flavour and aroma. Do not fear raising your cup with your hands firmly around the glass as your body heat helps warm the beer faster. Leading malt styles are best taken at around 55 degrees Fahrenheit.


Shaker Pint Glasses are not for Beer

Commonly referred to as the pint glass, they are loved by most restaurants and bars as they are inexpensive and break-proof. Unfortunately, they are among the worst glass models one can consume beer from. These glasses do nothing to foster the real beer ingredients. There is a treasure trove of beer glassware that changes when you try to imagine what is contained within the glass. The catch-all glasses work best for most styles of wine glasses. This gives you the opportunity to swirl around the glass and bring the drink to life. The white wine glasses work best for the light coloured beers while the red wine glasses work just fine with dark beers.


Pair Beer with Foods

Whenever it comes to the topic of food, many immediately pair it with wine. Beer is just as good when paired with meals. Remember, grapes have their limited scope when matching with food. On the other hand, malted grain can be matched with practically any dish. The carbonated bubbles within beer will act as scrubbing bubbles on your palate creating a refreshing sipping opportunity. The wine rests in your mouth as a coating cover complicating the eating experience. The main flavours bases centre on sweet, bitter and sour. All these are present in the beer. There are over 100 different beer styles in the market, so practically any beer variety you might want is covered.


beer keepingConclusion

Just as with any other alcoholic drink, provided you are drinking age, you are all set. If you are an adventurous drinker, you can check out this beer festival for more on elevating your drinking experience. Drinking beer is most enjoyable when you in a social setting, preferably around family and friends.