Steps Of A Spa Facial

Even though the facial protocols for each spa may be different from other spas, there are still some common features for all professional facials. There is a standard way of carrying out a facial and the steps were taken are similar in all facials. After all, facials are done for the same common reasons: to cleanse your skin, relax it, pamper it and to rejuvenate it.

Below are some steps of a spa facial

The first step is to cleanse the face

The skin needs to be free from any makeup, and so your esthetician will start by getting rid of it. After clearing the makeup on your skin, the esthetician then gently rubs your face, neck and décolleté with either of these; cleansing milk, cream or lotion. This is then followed by removing the cleanser from your face with the aid of facial sponges, cotton pads or cloths, and warm water. Your skin is then gently massaged to dry.

The consultation comes next after cleansing

At this point, your eyes are covered for protection. This step involves examination of your skin. The esthetician uses a lighted magnifying glass to check the status of your skin. She may press or pinch your skin so that she may determine how thick it is. At this stage, you are required to discuss with your esthetician about your facial status and the skin care regime you use. You may also talk to them about how you would wish the results to be so that they may know what you are expecting from them. Knowing your skin type and needs is important as it guides her in determining the kind of products to use on your skin in the other steps.

Exfoliation follows your discussion with the esthetician

This is where your esthetician removes and peels off the dead skin from your face. Here, she uses the information obtained in the above step regarding your skin type to select an exfoliation gel, cream or lotion to use on your skin. She may choose enzyme peels which are supposed to dissolve the plugs that produce spots and so she has to leave them to stay on the face for some time. She may also choose other exfoliation products which need to be stimulated manually or by use of a machine.