Urine Test Tips


Employers today test for drugs in the workplace for many reasons. Sometimes it’s for safety, and that’s a good idea because it helps secure us from equipment operators, truck drivers and others that could cause terrible road accidents because of drug abuse. In some cases, drug tests are used to weed out thieves that have to steal to support their habits. On the flipside, a few companies just like to carry out random drug tests to catch those who like to indulge during their days off.

Here are four urine test tips to ensure that you are not nabbed in the next office drug sweep.

Use fake pee

kjdfdf984Yes, you heard me right! The chemical properties in the fake pee are almost identical to the real deal. Most synthetic urine products are specially formulated for a balanced PH and include other elements like creatine. Most employees today are sending fake pee to screening labs on many occasions they get away with it. Fake urine comes in powdered or liquid form. Additionally, it comes with a heating pad and temperature strip. All that you have to do is to warm the mixture for ten seconds before your test. Next time you have a drug test that you must pass, consider using fake pee. Check www.urinedrugtesthq.com and see how it works.

Try dilution

If the test is random, and you have not used drugs for over 24 hours, you can try drinking lots of water. Don’t just drink a whole gallon since it can be dangerous. Drink one glass of water every thirty minutes until your urine is clear. Dilution works if you are a recreational user of drugs like barbiturates, cocaine, marijuana or amphetamines. If you use drugs daily, they will be detectable in your system for up to a fortnight or more. Marijuana will stay in your system even longer. Just drink lots of water and hope for the best.

Let your body eliminate the drugs

Most drugs are excreted from your body via the kidneys and only stay in your system for about 24 hours. Don’t do drugs late into the nights and expect to pass an early morning test. Without any doubt, you will fail miserably. Staying away from some drugs for even half a day will increase your chances of passing significantly. Luckily, most employers warn their employees a few days earlier about drug tests.

Don’t be caught trying to mask the fake pee

dd784dfWhen you are filling the test bottle in the restroom, don’t be tempted to add water, bleach, vinegar, soap or other contaminants. Urine tests rely on the pH and temperature of the sample and adding contaminants may lower the temperature of the sample significantly or change the pH levels instantly.

Hopefully, these four urine test tips will hep you pass your next test with flying colors. However, most companies are now using advanced techniques that can detect fake pee during tests, and that is the reason why you should stop using drugs daily. Gone are the days when you had to go to work high and endanger the lives of others.